Great little town to live in and sightseeing, dominated by its medieval castle (XI – XIII century) where Joan of Arc came to meet the future King Charles VII as her crown was disputed him from all sides, in a kingdom of France although diminished by conflict started since 1337, interspersed with shorter or longer truce …

Other sights :

Château d’Azay-Le-Rideau: Its perfection and size make this chateau a real Renaissance gem.

Richelieu: The Cardinal’s city, providing an outstanding example of 17th century town planning.

Château de Villandry: Its amazing flower and vegetable garden is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful vegetable gardens of the world.

Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud: The largest monastic center of Europe, founded in 1099.

Tavant: One of the most fascinating Romanesque churches in France, with its famous 11th century frescoes.

Crissay: One of the most beautiful villages of France with its Renaissance-style houses.

Saché: Where Balzac lived.

La Devinière: Rabelais’ house.

The tourist office :

Chinon :
1 place d’Hofheim B.P. 141 – 37501 Chinon Cedex
Tél 02 47 93 17 85 Tous les jours de 10h à 19h
Contact :
Site :

Ile Bouchard :
16 place Bouchard – 37220 L’Ile Bouchard

Tel 02 47 58 67 75
Contact :

The markets :

Le marché médiéval à Chinon
This year the medieval market of Chinon on August 6, 2016.
Click image for more info.

Chinon :
Jeanne d’Arc – Every Thursday
Fresh from 8h to 13h – No food from 8h to 18h – about 100 exhibitors
Place de la Fontaine – Every Saturday 8am to 13h fee – about 10 exhibitors
Every Sunday 8am to 13h fee – around 10 exhibitors

Ile Bouchard :
Bouchard Place – Every Tuesday and non-food costs from 14h to 18h – about 10 exhibitors.

Azay le Rideau :
Place of former AFN – Every Wednesday from 7:30 to 13h costs – about 15 to 20 exhibitors
Republic Square – Every Saturday from 7:30 to 13h costs – about 15 to 20 exhibitors.

Sainte Maure :
Place du Maréchal Leclerc and in the aisles of the halls – Every Friday and non-food costs from 8 am to 12:15 pm – about 100 exhibitors

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